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6483 Carlisle Pike Suite 104

Mechanicburg, PA



1111 W. Main Street

Annville, PA



10379 US HWY 522 S

Lewistown, PA



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  • Registration renewal

  • Reissue of tags, stickers, and owner's cards

  • Change of address

  • Renewal or duplication of your driver's license

  • Restorations for operators and vehicles

  • Operator Driving Records

Avoid temporary tags and permits

With instant online service, you no longer have to put up with temporary tags. In most cases, we can issue your permanent registration right away. You also can help fight for the cause you favor and get special fund plates for wildlife, heritage, and zoological causes.

Get online service on the following:

Your PennDOT-authorized instant processing center.

State and service fees apply.

P.D. Plates & Placards

We ask that you are in the door at least one hour before closing

Open 6 days a week!

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Wed and Fri - 9:00AM to 4:45PM

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